About us

Our unique team brings together academic excellence, years of experience and fresh business insights. We are experts on behavioral sciences, which we effectively mix with skills ranging from HR and marketing to precise data analysis.

Matej Sucha

Co-founder and managing partner of MINDWORX. He has a quantitative background in Actuarial mathematics with work experience both home and abroad. His expertise is among others consumer psychology and influence.

Tomas Vatrt

Co-founder of MINDWORX and advertising agency Adbee. Tomas believes, that only with help of behavioural economics, marketing and technology solutions can reach their full potential.

Michal Plevka

Psychology graduate with profound interest in behavior change and habit formation to help people meet their goals. He is also experienced in using behavioral economics to increase sales and improve communication.

Zuzana Lazistanova

Her expertise is in HR consulting, particularly a competency-based selection and development, psychological assessment and analysis of employees' job attitudes. Currently PhD candidate focusing on employee engagement.

Tomas Benadik

Former copywriter, brand manager and account manager, currently Business Development Director at Milk Design Directors. Marketer and strategist with keen interest in how business - and people work.

Andrej Findor

Assistant professor at the Comenius University in Bratislava. He is interested in how applied behavioural science can change behaviour and inform prosocial interventions reducing stereotypes, prejudice and extremist attitudes.

Kristina Radova

Work and social psychology graduate. Enjoys challenging the status quo. Interested in malleable concepts like ideas and plans that can be adapted and debated.

Katarina Dubovcova

Her expertise is in Psychology, Human Resources and Marketing. Katarina is interested in people's irrationality and decision making process of an individual. She revels in open-mindedness, new challenges and thinking outside the box.

Nikola Bernatova

Nikola is devoted psychologist with passion for habit formation and behavior change through the use of nudges and various principles of behavioral economics.


We believe in the power of behavioral sciences. We constantly look for new ways how to apply them to achieve our clients’ goals. We are excited and proud of what we do.


Every client we work with, every project we engage in and every advice we give is strongly in line with our core values.

Take Care

We are responsible towards our clients and their needs. We mind our team. We care, always.

Strive for Excellence

We constantly search for new insights to deepen our expertise. We innovate and dwell on every detail. For us, good is not enough.

Think Smart

Knowing is not enough, we want to understand. We think out of the box and unveil true causes of problems. Our aim is to work smarter.

Be Passionate

We truly enjoy what we do. We work with passion and enthusiasm. We never forget to celebrate success.


We know what drives human behaviour and what can change it. We always closely analyze the decision making process behind behaviours and identify places to intervene. Our solutions have large impact while remaining simple and inexpensive. We not only solve problems, we also teach our clients. We are architects of human behaviour.

Read our manifesto

Our manifesto

We are all human.

Over centuries our brains developed
many shortcuts to help us make decisions.

Still, people can’t tell you
what they want, how they make choices and what they prefer.

Economic theories assume people to be rational.
People are predictably irrational.


Knowledge from behavioural economics,
applied psychology and consumer studies
used to solve real world challenges.

Academic excellence
and business acumen combined.


We leave our mark in marketing, sales,
persuasion, fundraising and user experience.

We help companies achieve their business goals.
We never go against our core values.

We change people’s minds and behaviours.
We make people say yes.

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