Consumer psychology school

Beautiful visuals and top-quality products are no longer enough. You need to deeper understand the subconscious mind of your customers, how they make decisions and what drives their behavior.

Why should you participate?

This workshop will unveil the psychology behind why customers buy, how to better communicate and sell more effectively. Everything you will experience is based on groundbreaking research from the fields of behavioral economics and consumer psychology.

​What will you learn?

We will take you through the unique behavioral framework ADAPT which will give you the necessary tools to approach your customer in a new way.

  • A (Analyze the decisiom making process) – Understanding the decision-making process of your customers is the first key ingredient of effective sales.
  • D (Drivers of behavior change) – We will show you a range of science based psychological tools, which will help you shape your customers’ perception, behaviors and decisions.
  • A (choice Architecture) – The way you present your offering can have dramatic impact on customers’ decisions. Often a small change in the order of information, number of options or the way defaults are set can cause dramatic increase in sales.
  • P (Perception of price and product) – Simple tools which can be used to change the perception of prices, products or fairness of your offers.
  • T (Test and iterate) – Testing your solutions is the single most reliable way to achieve great results.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for marketers, sales people, managers, businessmen or anybody who wants to keep up with contemporary trends and reach new level of their sales. 

Are you interested?

Check out detailed program and dates below, or let us know:



Phone:           +421 904 247 001

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