We identify and work with the subconscious behavioral factors guiding preferences, decisions and behaviours you need to shape.

Customer experience

Customer experience is all about the subjective perception of the interaction with your company. Often a few words or a simple tweak in the environment can completely change this perception. Behavioural sciences teach us how to work with the subjective perception and what really matters to customers.

Workshops & Speeches

MINDWORX offers keynote speeches, trainings and workshops on behavioural economics and behavioural science, tailored to a variety of disciplines.

Persuasive communication

​Whether you are preparing for an important presentation, meeting or negotiation, the science of persuasion can increase your chances to succeed. Small changes in the order and framing of presented information and the communication context you create can help you build authority, urgency and significantly improve your persuasiveness.

Effective retail & sales

A vast majority of buying decisions are not made rationally and consciously. A subconscious perception of your offering is what drives your customers. Behavioural sciences give us the tools to shape your customers’ decisions through a clever choice architecture, pricing and product presentation.
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