Why do we make wrong decisions and how to change them?

Why do even seasoned and well-versed managers so often err? Have you ever hired or promoted wrong people simply because you misjudged the situation? Or worse yet even made bad financial decisions? And is there a remedy to all this? Thankfully there is.

A great number of behavioral economists have spent decades studying how our minds work. They’ve discovered many subconscious patterns that cause predictable mistakes - these sway our decisions and make us go astray. 

Learning how to avoid them is the first and most significant step in becoming a better decision-maker. Not sure where to begin? No worries, you’re (literally) on the right page. 

What will you learn?

You will uncover eight different sources of errors that systematically lead you astray. 

As we walk you through the science behind your decisions (and mistakes) you’ll learn to identify the situations in which you're more likely to make bad decisions. We’ll provide you with simple, yet effective strategies to improve your decisions.

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • identify and be more mindful of situations in which you’re more likely to make  bad decisions,
  • point out mistakes in thinking and reasoning of your colleagues and clearly explain why they’re leading them astray,
  • correctly evaluate (s)t(r)icky situations and make choices which lead your toward a desired outcome.

To sum it up, you'll be more confident when it comes to assessing outcomes, hiring new people, evaluating your colleagues or choosing between alternative options. 

Is it right for you? 

If you’re a manager or leader whose decisions can have a big impact on teams or organizations, definitely yes.


Let us know ;) 

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