We will introduce you to subconscious factors driving human behavior, and give you tools to help you with more effective sales, customer experience and behavior change of people around you.
A large part of what you do every day, from brushing your teeth to the way you work or run a company, is driven by your habits. From a perspective of one year, you can see that some are working for you and some against you. The same goes for the habits of your team, company, or customers.
Why do even seasoned and well-versed managers so often err? Behavioral scientists have discovered many subconscious patterns that cause predictable mistakes - these sway our decisions and make us go astray. Learn simple, yet effective strategies to improve your decisions.
This Masterclass reveals exactly how to use insights from 4 decades of research in consumer psychology and behavioral economics to increase conversions.
Workshop about how customers make decisions and how you can understand and shape them. Companies often say their customers are irrational. We will show you how to predict customers’ irrationality and thus effectively increase your sales.
Have you ever wondered what’s behind your decisions? Why is it OK to pay twenty bucks for a great meal, but you quiver to pay even 99 cents for an app? What makes these two decisions different? Luckily, decades of research in consumer psychology, decision-making, and behavioral science gave us the answers.
Do you have a specific idea about workshop for your your people? We will gladly prepare workshop to suit your ideas
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